Exhibition of Works

This page shows all the academic works, including degree theses, lecture notes, opinions & thoughts, and other regular academic contributions. For recent news and posts, visit News & Posts. Comments are welcomed.

Degree Theses

Gauge Gravity Duality

General review on the Gauge Gravity Duality and its application to holographic entanglement entropy.

Tensor Networks

Symmetric infinite Projected-Entangled Pair State (iPEPS) study of two-dimensional quantum lattice models.

Lecture Notes

Path Integral Project

This project is a didactic introduction towards rigorous Quantum Field Theory under path integral formalism.

Nuclear and Particle Physics

This is a lecture note on PHYS30121 Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics at the University of Manchester.

Opinions & Thoughts

Constructive Physics

Constructive Physics Project, an attempt to construct gauge field theories under mathematical perspectives.

Structure of Physics

This article elaborates the construction of fundamental theory of Physics based solely on requirements on self-consistency.

Regular Works

Talk on Heavy Fermion Superconductivity

This is a talk given in seminar High-Tc Superconductivity concerning the emergence of strong correlated physics like unconventional superconductivity found in various heavy fermion materials created by Kondo lattice.

Construction of Topological Quantum Computation

This is a talk given in seminar Topological Order and Anyons concerning the fractional Hall effect and the construction of a universal set of topologically-protected quantum gates using ν=5/2 fractional quantum Hall state.

Talk on Magic-angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene

This is a talk given in seminar Modern Topics in Condensed Matter Physics concerning the magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene together with the correlated insulator and unconventional superconductivity in this system.

Algebraic and Analytical Structures in Physics

This article studies the algebraic and analytical structures in Quantum Physics. We argued that it is the algebraic structure that provides the validity of a theory. This explains why Quantum Field Theory works without a mathematical basis.

Quadratic Lagrangian and Spin-statistics Connection

This article provides a derivation of spin-statistics connection from the quadratic form of Lagrangian. It is particularly useful when micro-causality is not available, e.g. in Quantum Gravity where spacetime background may be dynamical.

Measurement of Compton Cross Section

This is the lab report on the measurement of the differential cross section of Compton scattering. It is found that the Klein-Nishina formula provided by Quantum Electrodynamics fits accurately with the measurement result.

Report on Haskell in Scientific Computation

This report analyse the possibility of invoking lazy evaluation scheme in Haskell to scientific computation. The efficiency of Schrodinger equation solvers in C, Haskell and Python are investigated and Haskell provides appealing outcomes.

Schrodinger Equation Solver in Haskell

This is a Haskell program aimed at solving time-dependent 1D Schrodinger equation using Runge-Kutta method. This program can be at most twice as fast as its Python companion without much loss of readability and extendibility.

Report on U(1) Gauge Field Theory

This is a report given in an Electromagnatism seminar concerning the Electromagnatic interaction described by a U(1) Gauge Field Theory. This report provides a sketch to construct gauge theory from fibre bundle.