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This page shows the non-academic news and posts, including innovative thoughts and arguments as well as selected travel records. For academic works, visit Exhibition. Comments are welcomed.

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All Roads Lead to Rome

This is a short essay on the bottleneck of contemporary physics. It is argued that well-renowned open questions in various areas in physics all originate from the lack of understanding towards the dynamics in the vicinity of an interaction.

Two Kinds of Unification

This is a comment on the thinking regarding a unified theory. It is argued that the simplicity and the applicability are not to be achieved simultaneously. So a possible unified theory can only be more complicated than any existing theories.

My Road to a Final Theory

This is a record of my pursue of a final theory during my undergraduate time. It is explained how I gradually gave up the search for a final theory, or more precisely, how I uncovered the mysterious mask over the final theory.

Travel Records

St George's Hall Liverpool

Liverpool, England

British Museum

London, England - 1st entry

Tower Bridge

London, England - 2st entry

Leeds Town Hall

Leeds, England

Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Indie’s Welvaren Spice Warehouse

Zaandam, Netherlands