Universal Maths System


Universal Mathematics System, or UMS, is an attempt to formulate abstract mathematical theory through computer language.

This project is a reflection of our thoughts on the validation of mathematical theory. As the mathematical theories becoming more and more abstract and incomprehensible, the validation of a mathematical theory has become more alike an internal affair of mathematicians.

This project aims to train computers to “understand” abstract mathematical theories, so that a universal criterion can be set up. Also, it is expected that the certification of theories can be much more efficient with the assistance of computers.

Project Release

Download: UnivMathSys Release


Note: This project is still under development, more features are to be added.

Develop Repository

Repository: Universal Mathematics System

This project is under the maintainance of Zhang Chang-kai, any collaborations can be achieved by email via phy.zhangck@gmail.com or open pull requests.