Path Integral Project


This project provides a didactic introduction of Quantum Field Theory under path integral formalism. We try our best to make the content self-complete so as to lower the background requirement of the reader. It is estimated to be suitable in general for a large part of the undergraduates. The document is written in reStructuredText, rendered using Sphinx and hosted by Readthedocs.


The document is hosted by Readthedocs and can be accessed through

Document: Path Integral Project

Other versions of the document (e.g. pdf) can be downloaded from links in the left-bottom corner of the online page.

Original Motivation

The origin of this project starts from the attempt to construct Quantum Field Theory in a mathematically rigorous manner. An extension of some details then became an introduction to Quantum Field Theory presented here. Therefore, new interpretations (e.g. on renormalization) can be seen in some parts of the document.